World of ABC, The Waldo School is committed to...

Individualized Learning

Students discover and pursue their talents and dreams through a comprehensive academic program and a range of afterschool classes. Our small class sizes ensure that each student receives tailored, one-on-one instruction each day.

International Awareness

Our goal is to create global citizens who will succeed in our 21st century world. Students explore diverse concepts, ideas and issues through multiple perspectives, inspiring students to take action and make a difference.

Creativity and Innovation

Our inquiry-based approach ensures that students have every opportunity to ask questions, think critically, collaborate, innovate across disciplines, engage in authentic research, and express their ideas in different ways.

What parents are saying...

My son has been going here since he was around 1 years old.. He is close to 5 now and I am very happy with the way he has been groomed at the World of ABC school. He surprises us almost every day with all the things he knows and the credit is to all the caring teachers and staff at school. The directors are also very helpful and accommodating to any concerns the parents might have. Highly Recommend it!
It is a great school. My daughter has been there since she was an infant and now she is in preschool. She loves going to her class, and especially loves her teachers. It's great sending her to a place where she is well taken care of, and a lots of patience and kindness. It is a very good place for your kids. Very caring staff I recommend it for your children!
Our two kids went to the World of ABC since the opening in Sept 2011 until our recent move abroad. We loved how modern and international the school is. The classes size is very small (it used to be 9 in the pre-K, then 8 in K and Y1) that encouraged the kids and families to get to know each other really well. Teachers are warm and caring, with interest in the kids wellbeing and happiness, they are truly invested in the learnings and concepts that they introduce to kids. The small class size enables them to advance the kids faster and I could see my son applying his maths, science and reading skills gained at the World of ABC at our current school in the UK at least an academic year ahead. I wish the school had better outdoor and sport facilities but it was well compensated by the excellent chess program and fencing club.
My son has been there since he was an infant and now he is almost 5. We are very pleased to see his progress both socially and academically. The school is very good about giving kids a very wholesome educational experience. My son really looks forward to going to school everyday.
My son and daughter go to World of ABC. We love it. We started them relatively 'late' (my son was 3 and my daughter 1). It was their first time in a formal day care and preschool setting and they adapted immediately. They love going to school every day. The teachers have been fantastic and genuinely love working with the kids. My son has learned so much and is now in their kindergarten program. I honestly believe that he's now at least 1 year more advanced than kids his age at other schools. We love the early hours as well. I highly recommend it.
I am a pediatrician and parent of a 5 year old in Kindergarten. I can not say enough amazing things about Waldo school. The teachers, administration, curriculum, ancillary staff, after school programs, and facilities are absolutely top notch. I am so grateful to see my little one thriving every day. Daily activities are well thought out and done with love and care. This attention to detail and personalized care is reflected in all the students and their families. The life lessons and education are beyond my expectations. Highly recommend.